Sign the Petition: More Caltrain Bullets!

We, the undersigned, support a change in Caltrain's weekday schedule to add a bullet run on the end of the AM Peak service. We believe that this will make the service more attractive, decrease costs, and increase overall revenue for Caltrain's budget. While some stations would see service changes, the overall impact to riders and Caltrain would be to add more options, increase ridership, and reduce overcrowding on the current end of the peak schedule. This will be a net benefit to almost all riders.

We propose that Caltrain extend the peak service schedule with the following modifications

SB Train 134 should be made into SB train 334 - a baby bullet running on the "A" stop schedule. SB train 236 would become train 136 with a full local schedule

NB Train 233 should be made into NB train 333 - a baby bullet running on the "A" stop schedule.

This service change would not add any trains to the schedule as such would be cost neutral but revenue positive

We urge Director Scanlon and the Joint Powers Board to adopt this schedule change in order to maintain service and optimize Caltrain's budget.

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The organizers of this petition are a group of
Caltrain Riders who are worried about upcoming service cuts
and are hoping Caltrain will look at creative
ways to increase revenue without reducing service.

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