Sign the Petition: Caltrain Weekend Bullets!

We, the undersigned, support a change in Caltrain's weekend schedule to run a bullet/limited schedule. We believe that this will make the service more attractive, decrease costs, and increase overall revenue in these trying times for Caltrain's budget. While some stations would see eliminated service, this is preferable to a complete end to weekend service, and will be a net benefit to many riders.

For information on the potential Caltrain Service cuts and public meetings on it - see Caltrain's details and Public Hearing on Caltrain's website

We urge Director Scanlon and the Joint Powers Board to adopt this schedule change in order to maintain service and optimize Caltrain's budget.

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The organizers of this petition are a group of
Caltrain Riders who are worried about upcoming service cuts
and are hoping Caltrain will look at creative
ways to increase revenue without reducing service.

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